Installation Instructions 

Even the best performing window can be ineffective if installed incorrectly. The attached documents are printable versions of our window installation instructions. These documents serve as a guideline for a standard installation procedure of WeatherBarr products and do not address problems that may occur during the installation process. We highly recommend that you have a professional builder or remodeler with experience using our products perform the installation for you.

New Construction Window Installation instructions

Replacement  Window Installation instructions

DuPont Tyvek Flashing Systems

Guidelines for Proper Disposal of Window Products

Storage and Handling

  • Windows should be stored upright.
  • Windows and doors should be stored out of the weather in a clean, dry area, off the ground and not in direct sunlight and not subject to damage.
  • Handle all units by jambs.  Never move a unit by the head of the unit.
  • Any packaging should not be removed until just prior to installation.
  • All packaging should be examined for any parts, i.e. handle sets, before being discarded.
  • Do not cover or plug weep holes.  Weep hole must be allowed to drain free.
  • Do not drill into or through the sill of a unit.