Why Vinyl?

Vinyl as …… “Everyday”

Vinyl increasingly represents the material of choice for windows.  By 2013, 67% of all prime windows will be made of vinyl.

Vinyl as …… “Resourceful”

All types of vinyl products can be easily recycled and reprocessed into second generation products.  Everyday vinyl waste is diverted from landfills and repurposed into new products.  More than 99% of all vinyl compounds end up in finished product, due to widespread post-industrial recycling.

Vinyl as …… “Sustainable”

Since the late 1980’s, several Life Cycle Analysis have been completed on PVC Building Materials, often comparing to other competing materials.  PVC products were found to perform favorably, which means fewer resources.

Vinyl as …… “Green”

A vinyl window requires three times less energy to produce than an aluminum window.  That represents a savings of over 2 TRILLION BTU’s – that is Trillion with a “T” – per year or enough to power  20,000 single family homes annually.

Vinyl as …… “Warm”

Vinyl is an efficient insulating material for both warm and cold.  It is able to maintain a more even temperature, which will minimize the appearance of condensation.  In addition, the design of vinyl widows provides additional “dead air” spaces with hollows in the product to provide additional insulating value.

Vinyl as …… “Simple”

Homeowners will appreciate how easy it is to own vinyl windows.  Thoroughly maintenance free, they require no painting or finishing.  Additionally, vinyl windows are easy to clean, potentially even tilting into the house, allowing cleaning without even stepping outside.