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    Energy Star

    Energy Star is a joint program of the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The Energy Star Program certifies many products including windows, doors, and skylights based on the resulting energy performance of those products.

    The program seeks to identify the highest performing products in each category and make those brands more recognizable by consumers.  Consumers should expect to save significant energy costs by choosing an Energy Star certified product.  In Windows, Doors, and Skylights segment, Energy Star goes a step further by defining regional performance criteria based on local climates.  Energy Star certified windows represent an excellent value for homeowners in both the new construction and remodeling.

    In addition to being an Energy Star Partner, WeatherBarr Windows and Doors is proud to offer an extensive line of products that are Energy Star certified for all areas of the country.  Please browse through our Energy Efficiency page or any of our specific product pages for detailed performance numbers.  For more information on Energy Star, please go to