Registration Instructions

To register your WeatherBarr products, you will need your order number and your warranty code. This information should have been provided to you on a warranty registration card from the dealer where you purchased your WeatherBarr products.**

Fill in the information that pertains to the address of the warrranted products and then press the Next Step button. 

Once you have completed the registration, you will recieve an email to confirm your contact information. Once we have verified your information we will send you the link to the appropriate warranty documents.

We will not sell or give your contact information to any other entity. We keep your information to ourselves. We will not exploit your information. 

**If you did not receive or have misplaced your warranty registration card, then please contact our Customer Service department. 

Sample Warranties

New Construction Residential Warranty

Replacement Residential Warranty

ColorGard ESC Coated Product Warranty

WeatherBarr Product Warranty Registration
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