Energy Performance and Testing

Why Vinyl?

All parts are made from virgin Unplasticized PVC (uPVC) to ensure the components stand up to the test of the elements. uPVC is thoroughly maintenance free. It requires no painting or finishing. Wood can require significant maintenance over the life of the window.

We take care in our designs to ensure that the windows will perform to our strict guidelines and keep your home comfortable in the worst weather. uPVC is a warm material and does not readily conduct hot or cold. Aluminum is an excellent conductor, which can lead to increased heat/cold transfer and potentially condensation.

The multi-chambered design adds significant insulation value the added pockets of “dead” air. All vinyl waste is recaptured and recycled to ensure that there is minimal impact on our environment.

Tri-Beam Reinforcement

Our innovative, non-conductive reinforcing is 191 times more efficient than steel and 730 times more efficient than aluminum. It’s strength keeps your windows performing under load and it is easily recyclable, which provides minimal environmental impact.




Since over 80% of your window is glass, we’ve developed Smart Glass to allow you to choose the glass that best fits your budget and performance requirements. You need glass that is smart enough to block what you don’t want and allow what you do want into your home. Smart Glass does that. It blocks the sun’s heat without resorting to room darkening tinted glass. It also provides excellent insulation value in the wintertime, reducing heat loss through the window and reflecting the heat you’re producing back into your home. The heat you’re paying for is kept inside.

3 Components of SMART GLASS

  1. Advanced Low-E Glass

    • Energy Smart (ES) Low-E glass is hard at work in the winter and summer to keep your home comfortable and save energy.
    • Solar Smart (SS) Low-E glass provides the same wintertime insulation benefits with an extra measure of solar protection in the summer.
  2. Warm Edge Spacers
    • Intercept Spacer - extremely durable U-Channel spacer is cushioned by hot melt butyl seal creating a warm edge minimizing heat transfer.
    • SuperSpacer - Insulating silicone foam spacer provides the warmest edge temperature in the industry, up to 16 degrees warmer than other spacers.
  3. Gas that pays you back
    • Argon gas is an odorless, non-toxic gas that is denser than atmospheric air. By displacing the air in insulated units with Argon, insulation value is improved by as much as 10%, and can also reduce convection.

It pays to be ENERGY SMART

Energy Smart glass improves the u-value and condensation resistance of the entire window unit. That means dollar savings through lowering heating and cooling costs, as well as more comfortable conditions in your home. For more information about energy performance and ratings by series check out the links below.


Don't let the sun wilt your savings

By using Solar Smart glass, you can drastically reduce the amount of solar heat entering your home. For southern climates, this is a great way to minimize the sun's effect on those summer cooling bills.

 To see how our WeatherBarr products perform, take a look at our Energy Efficiency Ratings.