weatherbarr single hung new construction window

Every Home needs a Cornerstone

The Cornerstone Family of windows provides beauty, performance, value, and uncompromising quality. From its classic design and rich traditional style to its ultra energy-efficient performance, the Cornerstone delivers. It’s available in single hung, double hung, picture window, 2 and 3 lite horizontal sliders, and many custom architectural shapes.

Increase the energy performance to the level you desire with our Energy Smart and Solar Smart Energy Packages. We offer many options to keep the heat where you want it.

You can add your own designer touches to your windows with our many different divided lite and decorative glass options. We offer many options to give your windows a distinct accent.

Versatility and Functionality

Cornerstone Windows allow you to create an endless array of design possibilities with its vast selection of styles, sizes and shapes. Give your openings some flair with operable architectural shapes. With this series you can create any number of architectural shapes from circle tops and eyebrows to trapezoids and triangles, it will fill your needs.

 If larger openings are what you are looking for, create expansive spaces with our innovative “continuous head and sill” design. The continuous head and sill allows for multiple units to be constructed in a singular frame, providing superior durability and longevity over mechanically joining two separate windows. Whatever your needs, this series of products can more than fit the bill.

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Download the Cornerstone brochure as a pdf here.