weatherbarr single hung new construction window

Operable Windows

Double Hung Single Hung Single Slider


Operable Architectural Windows

Eyebrow Single Hung Left Half Eyebrow Single Hung Right Half Eyebrow Single Hung
Circle Top Single Hung Left Quarter Circle Single Hung Right Quarter Circle Single Hung


Architectural Shape Windows

Picture Window Left Trapezoid Right Trapezoid
Circle Top Left Quarter Circle Right Quarter Circle
Circle Top Extended Left Quarter Circle Extended Right Quarter Circle Extended
Eyebrow Left Half Eyebrow Right Half Eyebrow
Eyebrow Extended Left Half Eyebrow Extended Right Half Eyebrow Extended
Isosceles Triangle Left Triangle Right Triangle
Full Circle Oval Ellipse
Pentagon Octagon


Combination Windows

Triple Unit Twin Unit
1 Unit Over 3 Units 2 Units Over 2 Units
2 Units Over 3 Units Twin Double Hung

We offer hundreds more combinations of windows with each of our series of windows including 3 Lite Bay Windows, 4 and 5 Lite Bow Windows. Call us or contact a dealer for more information about combination windows.