weatherbarr single hung new construction window

Features and Benefits


  1. 3 ¼” Heavy duty multi-chambered frame depth provides strength, insulation, and durability.
  2. Defined beveled exterior gives the Cornerstone Series crisp, clean sightlines and an enhanced appearance.
  3. Frame and sash corners are permanently joined together by Precision Fusion Welding process.
  4. Structurally reinforced center meeting rail with contoured design and dual wall construction provides superior strength and performance ratings. Removable in the field for accessibility or material pass through.
  5. Dual wall construction increases strength, rigidity and insulation where the glass meets the frame.
  6. Unique fusion welded compound mitered sloped sill design provides maximum water evacuation and run off.
  7. Vertical sill interlock locks the sash in place when subjected to heavy wind loads.
  8. High performance compression seal with barrier flap provides additional protection against air and water infiltration.


  1. Dedicated head extrusion specifically designed to eliminate snap in accessory adaptors and allows for superior strength, insulation, and rigidity for shaped top products.
  2. Heavy Duty tension spring Block & Tackle Balance system provides extremely reliable, smooth and quiet, long-term operation. This specially designed system allows for full sash travel and standard 3/0 x 5/0 (35 ½” x 59 ½”) egress size to meet 5.7 square foot opening requirement.
  3. Optional Operational control device can be added to meet code requirements.
  4. Easy touch tilt latches are low profile so they are out of sight.
  5. Vanguard Advanced Composite Double- Action Cam lock provides clinch-action and tighter seal in two directions as it locks.
  6. Attractive heavy wall rectangular glazing beads co-extruded Durometer Seal provide tight seal against the glass with refined appearance.
  7. Full Interlocking meeting rail with full length fin-seal weatherstrip, in conjunction with the locking system ensures maximum security against forced entry and the outside elements.
  8. Simple contoured sash profiles feature elegant style with maximum viewing area.
  9. The integral ergonomic lift rail located at the glass line allows fingertip control with safe and easy operation.